Monday, February 23, 2009

Summary for last week.

Look at my archives for the month of February. 28 days, only 6 post. 6 pointless post (expect for the pc one, was the highlight of the month.

Yeah, because of exams, I rarely updated my blog. Sorry for keeping ya'll waiting. Yeah yeah, you wanna know more about me, sure, ask me personally.

I really don't know what's the point of studying Pendidikan Sivik, when in PMR and SPM exams, its not in the list of subjects that you're about to take. So, I wasted 5 years of scoring As for Pendidikan Sivik. Can the education department at least let us score a free A for SPM this year? Then what's with the stupid project for form 4?

Moral......I don't know this but, studying moral doesn't make you a better person unless you apply those moral values in you're life. Am I correct? I mean, sure everyone can score A for that provided that they memorized the definitions of all of the 24 moral values. Sure, can score A for SPM, but think about it, do you ever apply any of those in your life.

Yeah, I learnt that preserving the environment is a must so that we humans are able to leave a greener future for the next generation. Yeah, I know about moral values like bertanggungjawap, berdikari, amanah, toleransi, cinta akan negara and so on, but did I applied it in my life.

I throw rubbish out of the car, to the nearby drain.

I'm still not that independent, trust me. Somethings in life, I can't do it on my own.

Sometimes I'm not honest towards my buddies, sorry.

And there's times where I'm not responsible for any of my actions.

And yes, sometimes I think singing the national anthem 5 days a week is a drag. Not patriotic at all? C'mon, sometimes the teachers don't bother standing up straight and singing Negaraku. Don't tell me you like to sing that song?

So honestly, this is what I think. Studying and memorizing moral values does nothing to make you a better person. You study that subject, just for the sake of studying it. Just last week I had moral exam, didn't bother studying for it. I was busy concentrating on more important subjects on that day like History paper 2.

Oh yeah, congrats to myself for getting A2 for Bahasa Malaysia. You might say 72% is not good enough, but its very good for me. Now worrying about my moral paper. I hope I get at least a B3.

Remember, bloggers don't blog for readers, they blog for themselves. Remember that!!! So stop being a bitch and complained to me that why I haven't update my blog or so. That would be like working to entertain you when you're on the net. What I'm trying to say is....I blog for myself, I'm not under anyone. And no one has the rights to tell me when to blog and what to blog about. I have the right to blog whatever I want, without offending other people's religion, race and the country.

One more thing, I would like to have my chatbox in peace for once. Stop the spamming, I'm serious.

(Ok Trisha, Sin Wi, I'll do the tag. 100 questions, what's wrong with you people? Too much free time is it? You know, I need maids in my house to clean up my study desk area and my room. You 2 care to apply for that work? I pay by the hour. RM 3 per hour. Lunch included :) )

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