Thursday, February 12, 2009


For the past week, I've been quite busy in school. Prefects had to sacrifice their classes to take care of the Zone Pudu ping pong competition among schools in K.L. Yesterday was damn stuffy in the hall, where fans are not to be turned on.

Oh yeah, yesterday Mr. Chew took me, Edwin, Jerry and Zhong Tzen to the Kuala Lumpur Swimming Centre, Bandar Tun Razak. You see, each school are to choose 4 students, and a teacher, to sit in the stadium and to make it look full for the V.I.Ps to see. Yeah, wasted 1 hour by watching 2 400m swimming events, a marching team with the K.L flag, the balloon cutting ceremony, listened to the V.I.Ps giving their speech, and sang the national anthem. Basically that's it.

When I went back to tell Sze Mei and Man Li where I had been for the whole morning (Mr. Chew told them that he took me and my friends to patrol around the school area.....a good lie), they were shocked.

Yeah, PC is working well, only without any sounds. Crap!!! Was about to finish off Afro Samurai by watching the movie and finale of the series. First I thought it was the headphone's problem, until Cheng Heng and Tom came to check. The headphone is all right, its just that the sound card might not be working well.

Played Red Alert 3 and Left 4 Dead. Note to self : Don't play Left 4 Dead after midnight. I was worried that a witch might be underneath my bed 0.0!!!

Note to self : Build barracks before building structures in Red Alert 3.
Was happily building power plants, armor facilities, boot camps, and ore refinery.....until Japan kicked my ass by sending sky bombs and blew nearly half of the amount of buildings I build. My seaport was destroyed a few seconds right after I completed it.

It sucks to be owned by the easy mode. Noob.

Form ones starting to act gangster and all again. Victor nearly wanted to punch one of them for insulting him with Chinese foul language. Behave lah form ones, just because the seniors not around doesn't mean you're the boss. Wait until you come morning session, try lasting for a day with that attitude. I bet you that you'll be holding on to your balls for the whole year.

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