Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Petaling Street Millionaire

Ok ok, hear me out. Ever since Slumdog Millionaire won 8 Oscar awards, I think its time Malaysia have their own proper rags to riches story. Yes, a film that can actually qualify to become an Oscar nominee. Ladies and gentlemen, I Daniel Mark will direct the future Malaysian hit, called....


The setting, like the title, will be at Petaling Street, where Ah Bengs are relying on their jobs by selling pirated goods like handbags, DVDs, fake sport jerseys and so.

Now, for the leading role, I need a handsome Ah Beng. Yes, to me, Ah Bengs reprensent places like Petaling Street. Sporting dragon printed shirts, with post David Beckham haircuts, rainbow hairs, tattoos, have a liking for techno music (more bass the better) and mod their rides like none of their business.

Hmmmm............I think Josh can do it.

Daniel ( - says:
Josh wanna take the Ah Beng role anot?

J-O-S-H says:
yes yes

Ok lah, Joshua Leong can be the most English educated Ah Beng Malaysia has yet to know. Furthermore, in pure science stream summore!!!

Daniel ( - says:
Now Josh, when you're playing the Ah Beng part, you need to undergo heavy make up

J-O-S-H says:
yes yes

Lol, josh didn't agree on it

Ok, now that I've found an Ah Beng, I need an Ah Lian.

Hmmmm.......... find lah, I'll disclose the identity of the person who will be playing the Ah Lian

Ok, the story goes like this

Meet Ah Beng (Daniel Mark). 17 years old, dropped out from school and now stuck in a job as a pirated VCD seller. Earning a few hundred ringgit a month, he dreams of making it big, opening an Ah Beng Chicken Rice Shop in Mid Valley Gardens, and become rich and famous. But being single, still living with his mum, and staying in a low cost shop lot is not gonna help alot for Ah Beng to reach his goal. Little does his friends know, Ah Beng is actually good in English, has a American-like accent and also a Jessica Alba fanatic.

One day, Ah Lian (Jessica Alba), wanted to buy a James Morrison CD. So Ah Lian decided to go to Ah Beng's stall. Ah Lian, who ressembles Jessica Alba alot, especially on the face and body caught Ah Beng's attention. As Ah Beng introduces what other albums to get, Ah Lian already lost in Ah Beng's eyes. Ah Lian passed Ah Beng her handphone and house number, Friendster add, Facebook, and Blogspot link. They began seing each other, and their friendship blossoms into love.

Ah Beng, unlike any other ah bengs in Malaysia, would spend time writing timeless love poems to Ah Lian. That made Ah Lian more madly in love with Ah Beng. Now little does Ah Beng know......Ah Lian is actually a prostitute down Petaling Street, under a well known pimp called Sam kor (Samuel Wong).

So one evening at the nearby kopitiam, Ah Lian confesses who she really is to Ah Beng. Ah Beng got shocked, but still remains faithful to Ah Lian and will always love her to the end. One day, Ah Beng's mum was harassed by Ah Longs, because of unpaid football betting debts. The sum of the debts was so high, it cost more than 9 years of Ah Beng's annual salary. So in order to pay back the debt and save his mother, Ah Beng decided to take the biggest risk, to buy Toto lottery tickets.

Ah Lian, loving Ah Beng to death, will do her part in helping by promising Ah Beng to work extra hours and do extra escort services. But Ah Beng has a better idea. He decides that both of the would buy lottery tickets, carefully choosing numbers and betting them at the highest price. Ah Beng and Ah Lian bought 47444 and 74777 respectively. As the results came out, they both were in shocked when the numbers that they bought strikes the jackpot, with both tickets totalling RM 100 million!!!!

Ah Beng paid off his mum's football debts, and bought himself a bungalow in the Damansara Heights area, bought 2 lots in Mid Valley Garden to open a Chicken Rice Shop with the help of his sexual hormones imbalanced friend Chao Ah Gua (Kyle Sui). He then bought a few Ferrari's and Porche's, and married his sweet Ah Lian. Their Ah Beng Chicken Rice Shop was such a success, they opened another one at Pavilion, Starhill Gallery, and at Ah Beng's homeplace, Petaling Street. Ah Beng also started to become a regular contributor of love poems to The Star, and made all girls in Malaysia fall for him. Ah Lian, who immediately quit from being a prostitute, leaving Sam Kor in bad business, dreams of becoming a famous model, like Amber Chia. Her hard work paid off when top modelling agencies noticed her work and portfolio, and she signed a contract with Ford Modelling Agency, one of the best in the world. She also was offered to appear as a cameo in the latest James Bond flick, as one of the many babes Bond went to bed with. After that, they both had a child, named Ah Beng Kia.

Ah Beng, proud of his life, decides to write a book called "Petaling Street Millionaire", with the help of a publisher company owned by Carmen (Carmen Chan) . The book, a number one bestseller in Malaysia for 35 weeks, is about his journey, from being a school dropout, to becoming a vcd seller, buying a lottery ticket that strike jackpot, and owning one of the most successful chicken rice shop in Malaysia.

Ok, done.

Ah Beng - Daniel Mark
Ah Lian - Jessica Alba
Ah Beng's mum - Alison Tan
Ah Lian's pimp - Samuel
Chao Ah Gua - Kyle Sui
Ah Beng's VCD boss -Kent Chan
Beggar #1 - Joshua Leong
Beggar #2 - Seet Zi Yang
Beggar #3 - Peter Loke
Leng Lui #1 - Kerrie
Leng Lui #2 - Shu Teng
Leng Lui #3 - Wan Zhuin
Leng Lui #4 - Carmie Hor
VCD Seller #1 - Santosh
VCD Seller #2 - Jack Sui
Head of Carmen's Publishing - Carmen Chan

Copyrighted 2009

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