Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Skipped school

Urrghh......still having morning sickness. I didn't know the weather would be so cold today. Its been awhile since I woke up feeling freezing and covering myself with the blanket, not wanting to go to school.

Today decided not to go to school cuz today's papers are Chinese paper 1, Pendidikan Islam and Biology. Josh, good luck in bio man!!!

Oh yeah, congrats to Danny Boyle for winning the Oscars for 'best director' award for Slumdog Millionaire. Have yet to watch that film. Is Leisure Mall showing, I don't think so. And also to A.R.Rahman for winning the Oscars for 'original song' and 'original score'. Today woke up listening to Hitz.fm, they played M.I.A's "Paper Planes" because it was in Slumdog Millionaire. And then after that, they played A.R.Rahman's 'Jai Ho" from Slumdog Millionaire. What a great way to start your morning with a dose of Bollywood.

I knew "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" would be the biggest loser, 13 nominations, only 3 wins for 'Art Direction', 'Film Editing' and 'Visual Effects'.

Heath Ledger really deserved to win the award for 'Best Supporting Actor'. Go watch The Dark Knight again, his last and greatest performance for a character as 'The Joker'. Gonna miss him alot!!!

I prepared for my art exam already, still looking choppy. Need to buy new brushes already, I lost some already. Then later on mum will fetch me to school for handball training.

Recently I saw this old 1072 Mini Cooper, metalic black with racing stripes, 1.3 engine, leather seats and air cond with sound system and a 13 inch rims, all for RM 22k. What da ya think? Dad wasn't keen on buying it as my first car. So maybe I'll wait for the Suzuki Swift's price to drop, mod it with my savings and then zoom around the neighbourhood. Still thinking that with the Mini Cooper zooming around the area would look cuter.

: )

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