Friday, February 27, 2009


Surprisingly, for the first time Rumah Keruing has won the overall Sports Day championship. I would like to take this time to congrats the runners, especially the runners. You all did the hard work, and paid of with first and second placed wins, enough to get 700 marks. So, this blog, like Sam's tribute to Rumah Keruing, is gonna be in yellow.

But one thing that surprises me is that Rumah Meranti was stronger than Jati now.

Ok, now that Rumah Keruing sapu Sports Day events, still got Merentas Desa and PertandinganAntara Rumah Sukan.

Last year for me, I want to get 2nd consecutive gold medal for handball in Pertandingan Antara Rumah Sukan. Santosh you hear me? No more showing off skills, need to score alot of goals to kill off other teams!!!!!!!!

Kent, Rumah Keruing need you back in volleyball!!

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