Sunday, August 30, 2009

MacBoy @Kampar

Hey guys, I'm at Kampar now, 3rd day of my church camp. Tomorrow is the last day : )

And honestly.....Kampar has more things to do than in Malacca. I declare Kampar to be my hometown (cue angry grandma with a huge thick cane)

I got eye bags now, and all because I've been sharing beds with 4 people. On the left, you'll have the construction site working, on the right, you'l have sleeping beauty snoozing away. 5 people on 2 beds joined together, and sleeping at 3 a.m +'ll be having zombie side effects on the next morning.

Hotel tv got Star Movies, Wah Lai Toi and BBC News. Last night watched the match between Manchester United and Arsenal. Was surprised by Arsenal's goal, amazing shot, but more shocked when Arsenal gave United all 3 points when one of their defenders headed in an own goal through Ryan Giggs' free kick. We wouldn't know how important that Ben Foster save was, or how lucky that Van Persie's free kick sent the goal post vibrating.

Now I'm one of the 3 cyber cafes in Kampar. RM1 for 30 minutes, using the pc for 1 hour only. Only 3 people, 2 are the staff, and I'm alone Facebooking and blogging.

Don't know about you all, but I find Kampar food tasty and cheap. Chicken rice for RM 3, 2 cans of drinks and potato chips at a convinience store, RM 2.80.

O.o.....yeah. Oh great, now the 2 staffs are making out infront of me. =.= Please lah...

Heard the news DJ AM passed away. He was the one who survived a horrible plane crash with Travis Barker and suffered 3rd degree burns.

(*While blogging, 2 hot chicks walked in*)

I love Kampar.

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