Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ramblings in Malacca

Scene 1 :

Me : *Lying on the bed with boxers and shirt on*
Mum : *Opens the door* You better wear shorts ah, don't let the maid see you like this nanti kena rogol."
Me : O.o"

Scene 2 :

Me : Gosh mum, we're gonna die of boredom over here
Mum : Correction, we're gonna try our best not to die of boredom over here
Me : XD

Scene 3
Mum : If you can drive on K.L roads, I'm sure Malacca roads will be perfect for you.
Me : Why?
Mum : Malacca drivers are bloody slow. See, this road ask us to go 60, this nimkampoop like going on 35.
Me : So, can I drive on Malacca roads?
Mum : No, later you'll be like one of them.
Me : =.="

Scene 4 :
Mum : Urrrghhh the maid gonna drive me up the wall

Scene 5
Me : Mum the maid is gonna drive me up the wall!!!

Scene 6
Mum : *Trying to select an episode of Rosy Business for grandma to watch*
Grandma : Hah, finish already ah?
Mum : No I'm trying to select an episode, the remote control got problem?
Grandma : Still got somemore ah?
Mum : *grumble*could you just shut up and let me do my job, urrghh...

Scene 7
Me : Oh for God's sake mum just horn the fella lah!!! We've been following him slowly like a funeral march for 10 minutes already!!!

Scene 8 (Jusco)
Autopay Machine : Please insert your parking ticket. Please insert your parking ticket. Please insert your....
Mum : Ya lah ya lah I know.
Autopay Machine : Please insert one dollar. Please insert one dollar. Please insert one do...
Mum : Shaddup lah!!! Urrrghhh!!!
Me : Wow, amazing technology in Malacca huh?
Mum : I'm only waiting for this machine to pronounce 'parking' wrongly.
Me : *thinks* Please insert your farking ticket.
Mum : You ah......

Scene 9
Mum : *Drives past row of houses back at Cheras*
Me : Mum, one day I should wind down the window, and as you drive past the houses, I'll shout 'I'MMMMM BAAAAAAK PEOPLE!!!!!'

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