Thursday, August 27, 2009

Transfarmers : Revenge of the Famine

I have a new movie idea, and I want Michael Bay to be directing it.

Its called........


Sounds familiar? It better be.

The stars will be.....Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Iron Hide, and the rest. Megan Fox can be the hot farmer''s wife, Shia LaBeouf can be Sam the farmer.

It starts like this

Synopsis :
Sam, Mikaela are making ends meet as farmers in Kedah. Yes, Kedah Malaysia. Now with them are the Autobots to help them produce rice and plants and fruits and so on. Now, Megatron and his army owns this building company called Decepticon Buildings Sdn. Bhd. Megatron and buddies planned to build a shopping complex in the middle of a town in Kedah, but Sam's land is blocking their plan to earn big bucks in this project. So, Megatron again with his usual up to no good tricks, decides to unleash a dangerous rain of famine-causing liquid that destroys Sam's plants.

Sam and Mikaela decided to lodge a report to FELDA (Federal Land Development Authority) but failed because FELDA ignored their report and thought the whole famine-causing rain that Megatron will unleash to them for refusing to make way for his development story is total bullshit. So, again a war between farmers and building developers.

So one night, Megatron, Starscream, Barricade, Grindor decided to plan a surprise attack on Sam's land, destroying every grape, rice, mango, papaya, banana, cucumber, pineapple, carrot and every single plant in Sam's land. But Sam and gang were well prepared and launched a counter attack on Megatron's army.

Eventually, all of Sam's plants are destroyed after the battle, Megatron and co. were charged by FELDA for violating the trespassing into private land and destroying private plants and property. Therefore, both sides lost, and the whole Kedah state was left starve to death because the only land that produces food was Sam's land.

To survive, Mikaela had to become ayam and Sam had to become a gigolo.

Erm...the end?

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