Saturday, March 6, 2010

Results Day Soon

To be honest, I am very worried about my SPM results. I know I can't change it, but darn it.....................

Its only until Thursday, Thursday will be my biggest day yet. Brings me back when I was form 3 when I had to go and collect my PMR results, and it wasn't even close to my target. A lone 'A' on a result paper to me is a bad result, because I was actually aiming for more.

But what's the point of day dreaming of yourself getting A's when you don't put the effort to push you to your goal?

Yeah, some of my friends do say that once you're in college, SPM results are merely just a paper to show your qualification. But I don't want to go into a college with that result.

I am very nervous now, I've enjoyed my months of holiday and carefree lifestyle already. All I know that I really hope all my efforts while studying for Form 5 paid off.

I target 5 A's, now aiming for 4, realistically, I want 3 A's or better.

I really really wanna show my parents that after all the years of them spoiling me with my whatever needs, its all paid off with my SPM result.

And I really want to prove to the people who doubted me, I will fucking prove you that I do study and play hard XD

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