Friday, March 26, 2010

Shattering Glass

Today's class was good. But still every now and then tired and feeling worn off. Today's advertising principles class ended too early, at 1:40 instead of 3 p.m. All because Room 2 will be used for a workshop for new semester's students.

While we were wondering at the mamak area, we saw this bunch of new students. 80% girls, 20% guys compared to our 70% guys and 30% girls. =(

Furthermore.......quite a few leng luis somemore =( Our class is like a sausage fest compared to theirs...........chick fest.

Anyway for today's mass comm tutorial class, we watched "Shattered Glass".

The movie is based on a true story about Stephen Glass a writer for a magazine called "The New Republic" in America. Stephen Glass managed to create fictional articles that made it look factual and it was published in many issues. His last article, "Hack Heaven", was about a 15 year old hacker who managed to infiltrate a company called Jukt Micronics, hired as a security consultant after the company agreed to accept his terms and conditions (the boy wants a Mazda Miata, Playboy and Penthouse magazines and a trip to Disneyland) at a hackers convention.

That article caught the attention of Forbes and they ran a full fact-check on the article, and found no Jukt Micronics, no data about the hacker, the C.E.O. of the company, the hacker's agent and so on. It was all made up by Stephen Glass.

The reason why Stephen Glass had to make all his articles up and screw up his career and future is because he has to juggle between work and his job as a writer. He had not enough time, because writing an article needs alot of work in very little time.

So to make things easier and have people off his back for once, he decided to imagine and send in fictional articles with fictional notes and sources to back it up.

For "Hack Heaven", he took the trouble to set up a fake website for Jukt Micronics and a fake voice-mail and e-mail addresses and mails as 'solid' evidence.

His editor had to fire him and issue an apology to all the readers and Forbes for letting shit happened.

So of all 41 articles published by Glass, 27 of them are fictional. This shows Stephen Glass is smart enough to lie and make it looks so real and backed with actual facts and sources.

So the lesson is......never produce fake news/articles in a magazine/newspaper/online journal.

After class at 5:20 p.m, stuck cuz of rain.

Jared OH Jared....

Me and Starbucks boy

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