Sunday, March 21, 2010

FHM and assignments :D

Yippie, done with my computer graphic homework. I thought of drawing a Scarlette Johansson portrait since she's well, hotter than Megan Fox. Was supposed to draw Jessica Alba but I thought S.Jo was better.
Oh and E Zhen, this ain't a perverted at all.

Oh yeah, you guys watched Lady Gaga's new music video with Beyonce? 'Telephone"? Go watch it, I feel like yelling at the director for ruining the video. I thought music videos was supposed to be related to the lyrics of a song. Its a 9 minute long video, and a tribute to one of Quinton Tarentino's movies, and has the Pussy Wagon as a cameo vehicle.

I hate dislike Lady Gaga already. Loved the song before the actual video premiered.

So last week Sunday I went to Kyle's place and stay over just to use the Internet for my assignments and Facebook and :D Yup, my neighbourhood punya free internet blocked me and had password key to prevent me from using free internet. Screw you.

Ya lah ya lah, I can afford to drive a huge ass Vios but I can't even bother having my own Internet line. You know what?PHUCK YOU :D

Actually we thought of doing an experiment involving Mentos and Coke. But then we supposed to have Mentos mint and Diet Coke : (

Phail :(

So then again, after all the stress on Google-ling topics for our assignments, why not take a break and read. Membaca budaya kita, as they say.

No, screw textbooks and storybooks, we're going to read something more for the grown ups and savvy people.....


And NO, FHM is not a porn mag. And if it is, why would Popular, Borders, MPH and so on have the nuggets to sell it at the magazines section or at newsstands nationwide?

I actually have to feel bad for Kyle for dealing with his bro's friends. To a 13-14 year old kid, a FHM magazine is a ham sap book, buku kuning =_____=

Erm, look kid. If a hot looking girl dress with slim fitted clothes turns you on and makes you wanna cum and jack off, I wonder what will the REAL pornos will make you do?

I mean, FHM stands for For Him Magazine. Means its for MEN only, but then again you ask, what the heck am I having these mags when I'm only 18 and not a MAN at all.

You know why? Because I can :D

Furthermore, its good to know that there are hot chicks living among us in Malaysia *winks*

And of course, the faint hearted ones will be the victim of sakit jantung, erection problem and so on XD

So what if I have those, what cha gonna do?

"Eh Daniel you damn ham sap loh..."
Eh kiddo, you lust over Megan Fox in Transformers? Siapa lagi teruk?

"Parents never scold meh?"
Dan can you put properly the mags ah? Don't simply throw here and there lah, I accidentally give to old newspaper man you don't come crying to me ok? - Mum

It doesn't make you any better/different than me by judging me ok? So after drooling over Hannah Tan, Yvonne Sim, Miss Malaysia Universe 2008 and 2009 and many more, resumed assignments and then hit the sack after a long night.

Kyle, you have too many fats in your body? 19 Celsius and you can't feel the coldness?

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