Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SPM Results Day and Wong Kok @Pavilion

SPM Results day was awesome, finally a day to catch up with friends who you never see for months after the last exam paper. Gosh, 3 months and alot of changes. Good or bad, I'm not to judge.

And some people so desperate to show off that he got a car and blast out Cina Beng techno thrash music and purposely drive to the school bus stop with his Honda Accord windows down =___________=

I call that epic phail XD

Anyway, I meet up with Kyle, Man Li, Angeline and Cheah Foo at the mamak to have breakfast. Food was terrible : (

Then went to school by 9:20 a.m, school guard was being a bitch. Ever wonder every school guard that the school hires acts like a bitch and looks like a bitch?

Then waited in the car for 40 minutes, went to the bus stop to chat with friends for 40 minutes, then went into the school compound by 11 a.m plus. Then waited outside the school hall for 30 minutes.

Like that wasn't enough, a special ceremony for the students who scored 6 A's or more.

Then....time for the rest to take the slip.

I was satisfied with my results, not very happy about it. Was shocked that certain subjects I thought I was gonna get an A got C, and more shocked and high when certain subjects I thought I was gonna fail for sure.....managed to get me C+.

Accounts, answered one question for Paper 2 ONLY, got me C+. A credit :D

Then after that, Santosh and gang with me planned to go to Pavilion and celebrate in style. Santosh said that Leisure Mall low class XD

Went with 2 cars, Kyle fetched Darsh, Vivian, Angeline, Sasi, Sri Ayu and Azila.

Sri Ayu, you can't blame me for berterus terang....calling you fat XD

As for me, Santosh, Cheng Heng, Zi Yang, Derek was in my car. Took the SMART tunnel way, which was more faster than the UE3 way.

One thing I like about Santosh is....he's a self confessed CHINDIAN.

And off we went to Wong Kok to makan and celebrate. Kyle and the chicks went to the food court to makan cuz they can't find Wong Kok =_________=

The moment me, Santosh, Cheng Heng, Derek and Zi went into Wong Kok, there was like a few seconds of pin drop silence and stares. All because they saw Santosh walking in.

Derek, Zi and Cheng Heng.

Derek ordered this weird drink, Mocha chocolate, its like the lips of the glass is hugged with mocha and nuts.

Cheng Heng with his burger babi :D

Santosh enjoying his Hawaiian drink.
Zi's Converse, my Dunk : D

Santosh's BATA shoe, Heng's Vans Off The Wall.


Overall, had a fun, tummy filling day. Wish it lasted forever :D

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