Monday, March 22, 2010

Girls know cars more than Boys :(

Today went to college quite early, thought of going to the library to read some books (surprised huh?) but then decided to join Kelvin and gang. Damn it Kelvin, of all the celebs you can draw on vector graphics.......MILEY CYRUS?!

Anyway, then went to mamak with Jane, Bryan, Austin. Immy then tagged along.

Now, after parking my car, I went up via the escalator. Then as I first step on ground floor, a Bentley Continental/Flying Spur was parked right infront of me. Shit, I can't remember what colour was it, but I think its black.

Can you imagine parking your Proton/Perodua/Kia/Hyundai/Honda/Toyota family car next to a Bentley?

"Eh who's car is this? Can move ah? Blocking all the attention for the Bentley lah ok?"

Ohh daamnnn embalaasssiinngg gila =________=

After going up to class to put the bag and go back down with the gang to the mamak, a black Hummer, tinted with huge pimpin' rims and lime green vinyls cruised by, chillin'.

That time Jane and Austin frickin H-I-G-H.

Yum cha at mamak in Jaya One, it was the worst mamak to serve maggi goreng. Memalukan nama sahaja =______=

Tiba-tiba.......a black Nissan Skyline GTR revved by. Damn it, have to heard how the engine sounds like? Sexay!!! Its like an Japanese AV model moaning to you XD (kidding only c'mon)

Daniel : Nissan Skyline GTR
Jane : Nissan Skyline GTR R35

WTF?! Jane knows cars more than me? She even had the specs right on!!

Until I posted on Facebook and 2 grease monkeys by the name of Josiah Lim and Calvin Wong then reeducated me.....

Its a Nissan Skyline R35 VR38DETT
(Good Lord such a long name to remember)!/profile.php?v=feed&story_fbid=102657286437858&id=1066813130

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