Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today Is Their Birthday.....FML =)

Today is Santosh Logandran's (a.k.a DJ Black) birthday.....FML.

Santosh, my Indian brother XD Blessed 18th birthday to you bro, you're like my best macha I've ever known in school and in my pathetic lifeless, obsessed with Facebook life :D Sometimes you might be a pain in the ass for me and the rest, but still when it comes to being a true're the one that suits best.

(facka you better shed some tears when you read this one ok?)

Also celebrating her birthday is Carmen Hor. FML x2

My 'niece' for 4 years (since I form 3, she form 1, you do the math) When you need someone to brighten up your emo, dull, cloudy pathetic day, she's the perfect candidate to make you smile. And she's well, obsessed with Rabbids (google it you dumb cock) 2 are getting old, FYL XD!!!

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