Thursday, August 26, 2010

Don't You Just Love The K.L Traffic?

Don't you love Kuala Lumpur traffic jams? They're just awesome. I mean, where else do you want to be last stuck in Malaysia other than the highways and roads itself.

The drivers are awesome. In fact I think any car that is manufactured here should just cut cost by removing the signal lights. Oh and don't forget the side mirrors too, and maybe they can have the rear mirror as 'optional'.

What other ways to start your morning with traffic greeting you with a nice smile =)
Just after paying the 50 cent toll.

Oh oh oh, best part is the peak hours, 4 : 30 p.m you'll be enjoying the tense and atmosphere of the peak hour jam =D

Don't you just love it? 9-5 workers rushing back, insulting each other in their own cars about other drivers when it comes to facing each other personally, they kinda like dropped their balls. Its funny to see the lane cutters driving on the emergency lane, but once they saw the police in front managing the traffic flow, they drive back to the lane.

Sometimes, I just smile at them and don't give way. At one time one women got so mad at me for doing that, she got a ticket XD

Traffic was still until I even have a time for a picture takem =) Miss me?

*I'm still waiting for the studio pictures, damn it Jared!!

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