Friday, August 20, 2010

"What is Cum?"

Today Santosh was my art class' model for the day, RM 25 an hour not bad hor macha XD Today my college had this HIV/AIDS talk at the Gallery, wore red to support. Break was 12 p.m till 1 p.m, after paying a visit at the gallery, was supposed to go eat chicken rice but it seems my classmates and I were lazy to walk 10 minutes to the shop.

Had Brussel's Hawaiian chicken sandwich with fries and a drink set, worth the money.

While back in class, Aubrey came back with a goodie back from the talk. Inside the goodie bag there was Durex condoms, some other stuff and a guide to safe and healthy blowjob.

I'm not bullshitting here, they really have a guide to blowjob.

Now everyone can suck cock in a safe way.

Kah Yeng asked what is 'cum'? We were left speechless because we have no idea how to explain cum to her.

Best direct translation ever!!! Only in Malaysia

And then after all the fun, resume drawing Santosh's face. Bugger your face hard to draw tau, Mona Lisa XD

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