Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Good Morning Present

Woke up quite late, and went to the kitchen to make my breakfast.........until I saw the college results on the dining table =D

*update later*

Yeah, the results was good for me, I mean. I was about to prepare for the worst, especially for my mass communication and advertising principles. Some bugger went to tell the whole class that Ms.Joanna failed most of the class and I thought I was about to resit for the paper.

Turns out I got a B for Advertising, and a C+ for Mass Communication. Trust me, if you know how my word count for the essay part for Mass Comm was, you'd thought I don't deserve a C+ at all. But somehow I think my assignments and presentation saved my ass =)

I actually thought my parents would be happy, especially dad since he's like paying for the fees and so. But once I got home today, its a whole different story.

Have you all feel like you wish you could have done better and right now, you're feeling all shitty inside and also what's worst, feeling U.S.E.L.E.S.S.

I know its bad to think of yourself this way, in fact whenever my friends tend to think of themselves as useless people, I would advise them not to do so. But right now, its my turn to know how they feel and thinking of myself as.......feeling U.S.E.L.E.S.S.

Parents are always never satisfied at your results, even though you worked your ass off for it. I have my ways and methods on studying. If I can Facebook, Youtube and screw around time online and only spending 1 hour just dead-memorizing notes and facts at the 11th hour, so be it. That's how I study.

But do I need to read a book in front of you, have a pile of text books as evidence of how hardworking I am to show you I'm studying?

I'm sick of following or trying other people's method on studying. It works on you but it doesn't work on me. Different people have different ways on studying for exams and test.

Maybe that's just the way I am huh =/

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