Monday, August 30, 2010

Skewers Night

Last night, Jethro, Kyle and me headed to Skewers BBQ & Grill @Subang Avenue for dinner and beer =D We had this silly conversation in the car while on the way, and I was surprised that the traffic was smooth, since its the fasting month for the Muslims in Malaysia.

We were supposed to head down to Skewers last week, but since most of us couldn't make it we postponed it to the next Saturday.

I had the teppanyaki sandwich and a mango-pineapple smoothie. I forgot I ordered the wrong drink, it was supposed to be juice instead of smoothie =/ Jet ordered a teppanyaki skewer and Kyle had the Skewers Ultimate Glutton burger. The size of the dish was so big, he didn't even know which one to start with. Its like beef burger with salad, and chips with sauce and cheese.

After having our dinner, we ordered a jug of Carlsberg to enjoy while watching the Arsenal-Blackburn match. I picked Blackburn for the win, but Arsenal was lucky.

Brought the DSLR along, Imma let the pictures do the talking =)

Jet with Carlsberg.

Oopps..... =D

One bottle cost an arm for us.

I don't know what was wrong with us, but we then decided to drink the beer with straw. Kyle's inner child then decided to blow bubbles. Jet and I only can laugh like mad fellas while Kyle was our entertainment source.

Until now.......I don't know who had that straw idea in the first place =D

Fuyoh the bill I tell you, can shock and make us laugh at the same time. After paying the bill, we walked around the empty yet huge Subang Avenue Mall. There was only like 3-4 tenants. Ok the following pictures are edited, and yes I erased some of my pimples, adjust the colour and levels of the picture to look better.

Kyle orang cacat ( Disabled )

I guess Kyle has a new Facebook profile picture =D

How about mine? I edited out the reddish cheeks, adjusted the level and colours and walaa!! Oh well, maybe a lil bit of clone stamp tool on my acne scars and erased off a few pimples =/ But still.......ok right?

Jet and Kyle.

5 years ago you're like this chubby classmate of mind who loves anything about anime, now........ =D

Now waiting for Kyle to send me the video of our horrible rendition of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" and Cee Lo Green's "F*ck You". I did a cover of Drake's "Best I Ever Had", I just like that song so much.

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