Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mega Sale!!

Hey guys how are ya'll doing =) Last weekend has been a busy week for me, went window shopping with my cousin at KLCC, then the next day lunch at Times Square.

Yes I had a haircut and I kinda regret it but it was sooo thick and the weather is sooo hot!!!

And even if there's mega sales and clearance in KLCC, the clothes still cost alot. I found this nice denim skinny jeans, close to RM200 at TopMan. Zara......pifft, you're only making a rich man only richer.

I only spent RM 20 on brownies and cookies. They are A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!

I didn't know there's twisted skinny, carrot skinny and skinny jeans. I thought skinny is just skinny, and skinny is different than slim. Yeah I still have a thing for those type of jeans, but sooner or later I gotta start wearing something decent.

My week has been great, thank God.

Oh yeah...

Darth Pikachu said "Hi", he shall reign the whole entire galaxy with a pink donut!!!

Random much, but that's how I entertain you bored phaakaass out there =) Have a nice day ahead.

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