Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm Back

I'm done with moral assignment, guess what? I didn't even sleep for the night because of that assignment. But its all worth it. I still have marketing management group and individual assignments, photography and digital imaging potrait assignment and a moral group sketch. I have no idea why do we need to do a sketch play for moral.

Its puasa time, and to my Muslim friends, happy fasting. Can't wait to buka puasa with Syaf and Immy at Kana Banana Leaf Rice at Rothmans Roundabout area. Missed the food there.

Also...............Friday I'll be heading to Port Dickson for a one day trip with a few of my buddies.

Oh yeah, one of my favorite pictures from last week's class =)

And guess who's back =)

After one hectic night for moral assignment, time for Starcraft II. Have you guys played it, its sooooo awesome. 12 years of long wait finally paid off, now that's what I call a decent sequel to a great game.

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