Sunday, August 1, 2010

Forget JB, This Kid Damn Ghetto

From today onwards, I forgive Justin Bieber. I'm serious. As much as I kinda disliked him and having a hatred towards today's music industry, I finally now have the heart to forgive that kid.

Because all thanks to Mia Sabrina, we have another white, blonde kid with a really really fugly face. I'm serious, I really think he's fugly. Probably Australia's answer to America's Justin Bieber. Cody Simpson. Not related to Fox's Simpson family or that blonde American Simpson family.

" I'm a one-bike kinda guy..."

"New flavor of the week?"

"You don't even know man..."

"Who is it?"

"Its your mum..."

And I'm like what the heck man? Damn funny izzit go and diss people's mother like that?! Lame fag bag lah you!! And that pink jacket of yours, so damn distracting. How did that brunette didn't slap your face for wearing something so bright and pink and uber ghey!! I feel like burning his jacket if and only if I ever see him.

I honestly lah, seriously lah macha, I don't like his eye bags. Also another distraction. Ok, fair comparison, compare Cody to Justin Bieber's style, I'm sure most you ya'll would pick JB for having a more sensible style.

If the music industry was a dude, I'd kick him in the nuts. If it was a she, I'd scream at her till she cries.

So in the mean time...
Here's another face palm moment brought to you by me =)

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