Friday, August 3, 2012

Indigenous : Day 7, It Is Done and Dusted

Fuck. Last day of the exhibition and I was having a lot of mixed emotions.

 I'm happy that everything's over, like we're done with this after much stress and frustrations and tears about it, and also the sleepless nights that we've gone through all for just 7 days.

And we didn't need to face certain lecturers who was a bitch to us for this semester, we didn't need to look forward for assignments and handing it.

I'm really sad that this would probably be the last time I get to spend time and have fun with my classmates. The lunch meals together, the rants we lash out during yum cha sessions when class breaks, the cigarette sessions we have whenever we're just frustrated or just bored. The drinks we had, the wild nights and so on. 

 Time to pack up. Brought down all of the posters that was pasted on the panels. Cleaned up all of the mess and waited for the people in charge to dismantle the booths.
 And the gallery was back to its previous state.

 Indigenous poster, signed by the VIP's and sponsors.

 After done packing up, we headed down to The Bee to celebrate the end of the exhibition. Kilkenny, 3 bottles for RM 20.

 Me and Emily. This girl has to be the nosiest in the group. Also the one we like to annoy and tease because of her personality. Gonna miss disturbing her already.

 Christine, went all the way to Thailand but all she got for me was a blue bracelet =( 
 And after so long, we finally have a picture of us.

This sohem ah, always like to kacau me for nuts. I remember the 2nd day we watched Act of Valor while visitors were looking at our booth. Not a single damn was given on that day. 

I kinda teared up in the car when everything was over. It was a good week, a good 7 days well spent with my college friends. But this wasn't the last day I was gonna be in Jaya One... 

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