Thursday, August 2, 2012

Indigenous : Day 3

 Chilli Rush sucked. I mean, RM 17.90 for a set with soup of the day, salad and drinks and you can refill as much as you want until you're sick of it. Should have went to Mojo Cafe instead.

 And then there was Advertising Design journal to deal with. Mr. Jackson wants to know our thoughts and lessons that we took from Advertising Design.

Some mindmapping shit.

So here's my personal opinion about the subject.

Advertising Design has got to be the most troublesome reason to come for classes on a Thursday morning, and spend 3 hours learning ALMOST the same shit we did back in 3rd semester, which DGD students happened to have taken this subject called, Marketing Management.

Until today as I type this post, the only interesting thing about advertising design is that us graphic design students get to apply our Illustrator and Photoshop skills into the assignment. 

Mr. Jackson, your slides didn't help much at all. It was just down to our common sense to finish off the assignment. I have completely no memory about whatever slides you've shown us, and whatever shit that you've explained to us.

I personally felt that you asked us to do this journal, which you have required us to crap out 10 pages of total bullshit to show your upper management that you've done something.

Thank goodness you've decided to retire. You've done fucking with us now..

But nah, I didn't typed that out in my report. I just mentioned that the subject was merely like a refresh course about the basics about marketing and advertising that we have learnt back in the 1st and 2nd semester.

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