Sunday, August 5, 2012

TRD Is finally here!!

 Shoutout to Autobahn Ground for delivering this TRD front grill within the promised time period. Was shocked when I saw the box stated Door Visor. Turns out they used the box as the packaging for the grill.

Introducing the new Toyota Vios 2013 new facelift. A whole lot lighter than ever before.

 Instead of spending on letting car accessories workers to install the grill, I have my friend Robyn to do it for me, FOC :D
 And who knew it took almost an hour to take off the WHOLE bumper. We all thought we just need to take out the grill. The thing is, whoever designed the Toyota Vios thought it was a GREAT idea to connect the grill and the bumper together.

After 2 hours, we finally got the grill installed.

 Personally I find chrome on cars, be it on door handles or even trunk lids are pretty much useless and makes the car look just cheap and awful. Been searching the cheapest ABS material for the grill, and Autobahn Ground has the cheapest ones available, without degrading the quality.

It was my first time dealing postage for car bodykits, was worried that worst case scenario the grill wouldn't fit in well. But it didn't. I remember I kinda delayed the payment for the grill because of exhibition, and thankfully Sean (the person in charge of Autobahn Ground) happens to be a very patient and understanding dealer, told me to concentrate first on my finals :D

Would love to deal with them in future, that is if I wanna add anything to the ride again.

Click Here if you're interested in any bodykits available for your ride. 5/5 for overall dealing experience.

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