Thursday, August 2, 2012

From IACT to IKEA to Bar Tres

Sweet Jesus would you look at my lunch on a Thursday. On a Thursday!! 40 IKEA meatballs with a plate of 8 chicken wings, 3 egg tarts, 2 apple cake, 1 chocolate cake, 1 plate of chicken breast with pasta and vegetables for 5 people.

Best of all, free. Remember the Erase/Rewind short film that Benchmark Productions did last year. We didn't get the highest mark tho because it was over the time limit, but we did get 'Best Production' among the other groups, and a RM 100 to spend :D

 We were in IKEA, Jared wanted to buy frames for the certificates that's going to be presented to the sponsors for the exhibition.

 I confess, this is the first time I went into IKEA and looked around the furnitures. 

 Had Bud's premium vanilla ice cream and a red velvet cake to reward myself for going through 4 boring days.

 On that night was Bar Tres' soft launch, and I had exclusive invites to the event. Decided to bring my usual gang along. Knowing that we're gonna drink a lot, I decided to crash at Jessica's place for the night. And we still remember that the next day is still the exhibition day.

Didn't drink much. It was free flow from 8 p.m till 10 p.m but the thing is, there was too many people packed inside the bar. And the long line to the free beer wasn't much help at all. Left around 11 a.m because Jeremy wasn't feeling well.

 Knockout like an IACT student.

The night wasn't over, watched Resident Evil in Jessica's cinema room. 

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