Thursday, August 2, 2012

Indigenous : Day 1

On the first day of the Indigenous Graduate Showcase....

This is my booth, 2 A2 size posters printed on foamboards just to fill up the space. I'll explain later about my final project. 
On the left panel, 1 A2 size poster and 4 printed photos from my photography subject. And the right one is 3 of my best 3D works posted for visitors to see.

Its been 5 months since I last wore these Gucci Dunks. I'm so sorry my babies, daddy's been on Converses since internship. I didn't want to get you all dirty.

Honestly I thought it was gonna be a busy day for us but instead, I found myself lying on a beanbag and begging for people to come. So after 2 months on stressing about this exhibition, on the first day of the event it was pretty much chilling and relaxed than expected.

Special shoutout to Zoe Lim for being the first to arrive before the official opening. She's been busy with her Dementia video production, with so much editing to do she actually took the time to drop by. Thanks Zoe :) 

Jane, Joelle and YunXuan also dropped by. Joelle was the mc for the night and did a pretty good job at it, even though she only got the script at the very last minute.

The new CEO Jason Lim was there to officiate the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

While waiting for the special guests to visit my booth, derpy Jessica and I decided to derp around. So nice to have her as my booth neighbor. 

To be honest, I personally felt everything was kinda in a mess. Like the whole theme was about Indigenous, something tribe related. But I see my classmates doing their final projects that are not related to it in the first place.

The reason why is because we have this one lecturer, and another asshole that interfered with our progress for almost 2 months. One shoots down our idea, the other kisses his ass about it too. The one that guides the DGD students insisted on us following his idea instead of ours. Thank God that I've insisted on doing my own final project.

2 months ago I was asked to do a concept superhero cafe. Like DC and Marvel come together and come up with this cafe for comic book fans to chill and hang out. I didn't really like the idea of using a curent brand and using it to come up with a new one. There wasn't much challenge to begin with, and I don't want DC and Marvel to come looking for me if things turned out shitty.

There wasn't much feedback from the special guests. One of them was Art Mansion's owner, a national bank museum rep, a designer and a prof. from University of Canberra.

The one main criticism for us was about work related to the them. 26 students, take any random 4 works, and see whether will it still connect to the Indigenous theme? The answer is no. 

If only we had the proper guidance. The college decided to give us a lecturer who we later found out has ZERO experience in dealing with exhibition work.

Everything ended at 11 p.m. And this was just the first day. 

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