Friday, August 3, 2012

Indigenous : Day 6, Meet Chloe

You want the best nasi lemak? Head down to Village Park at Uptown Damansara. I swear every ringgit on that meal was worth it.

 Penny, Aubrey, Jared Yap, Kar Weng, Jeremy, Ronald and I decided to head down to Village Park during our lunch break. We were really sick of Jaya One's food. Marufuku, Wendy's, Chilli Rush, Tappers, Mojo, ate it this week.

 Milo Dinosaur. I remember having this drink during recess time back in secondary school. Its just ice milo drink with milo power as toppings.

 The amount of sugar level combined by 4 milo dinosaurs is just off the chain.

RM 14 for my dish. Because I requested extra fried chicken and rice. Its actually RM 8. But really, this is the amount I spend in Jaya One on lunch but without any extras and the portion's smaller.

 Right after lunch, felt really sleepy. I really didn't bother whether would anyone be interested in coming for this exhibition already.

 Ms. Queenie dropped by and gave us a surprise. She bought us a green tea cake as a gift for our hard work for this semester. And her cute lil' daughter decided to tag along.

 Readers, meet Chloe. Like Jessica's brother, she's also another adorable kid.

 Just when we're done with our group photo, and since Queenie's daughter was near the cake, I decided to start off a lil surprise for Chloe by singing the birthday song. And everyone else decided to join in.

 You should have seen her clueless face.

 "Mommy I thought my birthday was over already." 

After one month, I finally get to send my baby for a good car wash. 

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