Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How Many Wake Up Calls?

I think this is another wake up call from God to tell me to drink less, sleep earlier, less hookah, less late night outings and more rest in future.

Jesus Christ, this toothache right after this sinus problem ain't easy for me to deal with. Last night I had to deal with the constant pain coming from my teeth. Last time I checked my teeth was fine, in good health.

So last Sunday I went to the doc. Told him I quit smoking like almost a week ago and he said my lungs are still in good shape and what not.

I only know for the month of July I've been drinking a lot, smoking a lot, and definitely staying up late for almost everyday, 2 a.m in the wee hours then only decided to sleep.

Dad told me this lifestyle need to go, and it'll take time for my body system to get back to normal again. I've lost weight, I haven't been working out since last year.

Again and again I tell myself I need to start changing my habits, still no progress. Shit.

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