Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Attack is Not The Best Defense

I really, really never expected Robin Van Persie to sign up and play for Manchester United. Honestly, am I the only United fan that thinks he should remain an Arsenal God that many Gooners worshipped him because he gave Arsenal many years of Champions League football? 

Its just weird seeing a former rival's star player, donning the United jersey. Like when Carlos 'The Merchant' Tevez went Judas on us and headed to Manchester City, I was pretty sad about it that such a great player would betray us to head over to the blue side of Manchester. But he ended up being a prima donna and demanded a transfer request and held the club ransom. 

I understand how Arsenal fans are feeling now that their best player betrayed them by joining United. Like Tevez helped United won the Premiership for a number of times and then went to Manchester City to be part of a 'revolutionary project' by the new Arab owners.

So last night's 1-0 lost to Everton was a wake up call that well, buying Van Persie and Kagawa doesn't guarantee the club a 100% BPL title. Sir Alex Ferguson works in mysterious ways. The problem from last season that we lost the title to City by goal difference, so he decides to boost the attack instead of reinforcing the defense department. Vidic's absence from the line-up due to injury was one of the key factors that United's been leaking in goals (the 4-4 home draw to Everton). I'm not surprise if halfway throughout the season we're short of fit defenders to start in games. Smalling, Vidic, Evans are prone to injuries. 

We have Rooney, Berbatov, Hernandez, Welbeck and now Van Persie. 4 strikers, with Kagawa's creative genius, its just madness. Right after Van Persie's signing everyone's saying United's gonna win the title, which I honestly doubt that. I don't believe signing a rival's star player would automatically put us in pole position to win the league, its stupid. 

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