Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1Malaysia Not Doing Well

You know? If you wanna relocate a temple, do it in a very very civilized way for God's sake. But damn it, don't take matters into your own hands. Bringing a cow's head, spiting on it and so on insults the Hindu. I know nothing about Hinduism or anything about its religion, so I Wikipedia-ed it and here's why a cow is, to the Hindus, important.

Cows are venerated within the Hindu religion of India. According to Vedic scripture they are to be treated with the same respect 'as one's mother' because of the milk they provide; "The cow is my mother. The bull is my sire." They appear in numerous stories from the Puranas and Vedas. The deity Krishna is brought up in a family of cowherders, and given the name Govinda (protector of the cows). Also Shiva is traditionally said to ride on the back of a bull named Nandi. Bulls in particular are seen as a symbolic emblem of selfless duty and religion. In ancient rural India every household had a few cows which provided a constant supply of milk and a few bulls that helped as draft animals. Many Hindus feel that at least it was economically wise to keep cattle for their milk rather than consume their flesh for one single meal.

Gandhi explains his feelings about cow protection as follows: "The cow to me means the entire sub-human world, extending man's sympathies beyond his own species. Man through the cow is enjoined to realize his identity with all that lives. Why the ancient rishis selected the cow for apotheosis is obvious to me. The cow in India was the best comparison; she was the giver of plenty. Not only did she give milk, but she also made agriculture possible. The cow is a poem of pity; one reads pity in the gentle animal. She is the second mother to millions of mankind. Protection of the cow means protection of the whole dumb creation of God. The appeal of the lower order of creation is all the more forceful because it is speechless."

Now, imagine, a group of Muslim protesters, protesting about the relocation of a Hindu temple, marched angrily with a cow's head and treat it with disrespect. How shameful is their act? Where is the respect between different religions? I don't understand, its the Month of Fasting for you people, instead of being holy and doing good deeds, you make a total idiot of yourselves. Can't you all have a peaceful talk with the authorities in charge to relocate the temple, in a orderly manner?

Face it, I don't give a damn if a fanatic read this blog post and comment and complain about this. There is no need to hide. Don't you know that this news has been spread around the world? Imagine what image we're projecting to the other countries?

1Malaysia, yeah it sure sounds nice on TV, radio, newspaper and so. But in reality, 1Malaysia to me will be a complete failure if we as a nation don't tolerate with each other well in this country. Then, I have the guts to say that the motto "1Malaysia" by our Prime Minister is just for show only.

Najib, sir, just because you launch websites and web portals promoting unity among different races doesn't mean its helping alot on your target. Walk the talk please and thank you very much.

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