Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another post from Sec of Mac

Hello readers,

Mac sec is back!!! WHOOOOOO!!! Ok, I've took a long vacation holiday from working as Maccaroni's secretary. And by the way thank God he didn't find another sexy slutty biatch to replace me (His scrotum will be the last thing he wants it off from his body).

Anyway, just to let you all know, Daniel Mark is doing fine with his trials. He wants to thank you all for showing him love and support (You all actually didn't rite?). Today Wednesday he just finished his Bahasa Malaysia paper 2, which consists of 4 questions, with a lot of sub questions. He managed to leave only one question blank, compare to last time 2.

I'm sure, Daniel Mark will be dealing with alot of papers and books infront of him for the next few days, as his wireless internet connection was out even since Monday's blackout at his house area. Daniel is deeply sad and now crying at the corner in his room, sucking his thumb. Gross, I can't believe I'm working for this boss.

Daniel's exams will be until the 18th, and speaking of 18th......November 18th will be his all important life-changing day, SPM. Yes, that one damn government exam that decides each students future. He has ordered me not to mention the number 18, and if any reader do so, he'll go nuts....literally.

Tomorrow will be his English paper, essay and comprehension and summary. He will be expecting to write more than 900+ words for his free-writing essay section. And Daniel is looking forward to it and score again (effortlessly) an A1 for English (cocky fella).

Anyway, Daniel Mark will not be blogging often as he is now concentrating more on studies, and less on play.

Oh yeah, Daniel would like to wish you all have a blessed week and take care.

Prepared by,
Sec of Mac

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