Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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Got a few selected results for some subjects. But the most important one is BM, which I scored.....60. B3, 5 marks till an A2. DO'H!!

You should see my classmates all panicked when Pn. Mariah came into our class.

'"Sei kei dou....(our death date)." Edwin Kok. Gosh after waiting patiently for 3 months, he still have yet to get his Proton Satria Neo H-Line. The smart thing he did was, he paid everything.

As you know, when everyone starts to panic, the class will be noisy. Chan Kuan Kiat and Chin Wai Mun, both teasing each other whether will they pass of fail. "You prepare bring home gajah (codename for G = Gagal = Fail)", Wai Mun joked to Kuan Kiat.

"You prepare kena potong lah. No credit no lan ah!!", replies Kuan Kiat.

As Pn. Mariah asked us to keep quiet until she is satisfied, we all begged her to just give out our BM marks. We all could not stand the pressure and tension already.

One by one Pn. Mariah called out our names. Alan Ang for 50+ for paper 1. Total marks is 130. Then when Kuan Kiat got his paper, he litterally jumped for joy and danced around the class. He got a C, which is a credit grade. Wai Mun also got C, but higher marks than Kuan Kiat. Both of them just passed the 45% score.

When Pn. Mariah called out my name, she said 'Tahniah" to me. I didn't get what she meant until I got my paper 1 marks.......



Ok, so paper 1 is 92/130, paper 2 is 52/110

92+52= 144

130+110 = 240

144/240= 0.6 x 100% = 60%

Thank You Lord!!!

It was such a huge relief for me. I got C5 for BM on the mid year exam. Now its B3. I'm just dissapointed that I didn't score alot for paper 2. Need to read more Malay books and newspaper. And read more Malay subtitles while watching Hong Kong dramas ;P

I got my Perdagangan paper 1 score, 24/50. Its bad, was aiming for 30 or better. Guess its up to paper 2 to decide whether I get a strong credit for Perdagangan or I just passed or worst, failed that paper.

No need to ask about accounts and maths, Accounts was 2 marks away from passing, and maths I failed. Don't be surprised, I am that bad at maths. Oh yeah, Science I got B3.

2 B3, 2G. Hope tomorrow can get my Sejarah and Art results.

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