Monday, September 14, 2009

2009....Kanye West Lost It Again

And I thought Kanye West would be good this year, nah. He ego got the best out of him. If you guys don't know what I'm talking about, its the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards show, an award show for music videos.

Taylor Swift won 'Best Female Video' award, defeating Beyonce Knowles and the rest. While giving out a speech, Kanye West took the mic from her (which is so unprofessional of him as an artiste), and declare that 'Beyonce had the best music video of that year'.

Kanye, dude, I admire your work, your rap style, your producing skills, and so on. But darn, you had to abuse your freedom of speech rights, you had to make an ass of yourself, and get your 3 minutes of fame. Look what you done to poor Taylor Swift. She was left dumbstruck.

2009, Kanye West lost it. Damn, your mama must be proud. You had to make people think you're the shittiest sore loser, wimp (and a pussy) to the music industry, and to your fans worldwide.

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W├ślF said...

huhu... totally agreed on it... kanye go way too far this time on taylor....