Monday, September 7, 2009

Coming Out of the Closet

As manager of Kent Learns To Rock (KLTR), I'm deeply disappointed about the pictures of Kent and his gay partner being posted on his blog, and also this is a shock to his fans. It actually gives the band a huge boost ahead of the tour, since its a trend that celebrities announce that they are 'coming out of the closet' through their official blogs and website.

As manager of Kent Learns To Rock, I will respect his decision (Kent) to lead a homosexual lifestyle and wish him the best with his partney

Leslie : Actually hor, I suspected him being gay loh. Everytime in the car sure give me that gayish eye contact. Makes me feel so uneasy lah. But I as the second guitarist of the band, and also one of his heng dais respect his decision into leading this lifestyle. Good luck Kent!!

MJ Jun : I knew it!!! I knew he was gay lah!! Whenever I was practicing smashing guitars, he told me countless of times that he finds it sexy and turns him on. I knew it lah!!! Anyway, I wish him the best with his partner and make beautiful babies

Daniel : MJ Jun, guy and guy cannot produce babies lah. Both sperms clash together, tak jadi lah. Only sperm and egg baru boleh.

MJ Jun : Ohhh...anyway wish you 2 the best lah.

Wa-Der : Kent gay meh?! Oh my God, all the while he was staring at me when I eat. I thought he looking and leng lui behind wei. Diu I that leng zhai ah? Anyway, like Leslie and MJ Jun, I also wish him the best lah.


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