Thursday, September 24, 2009

Short post

Oh gosh, holidays are a bore. I've been playing Need for Speed Shift, doing revision for a few hours, play piano and that's it.

SPM is a few months away, and surprisingly......I'm not worried. Monday is my arts paper, 3 hours, 10 a.m to 1p.m. I haven't prepared yet, I'm used to last minute sketches, you know me.

Watched G-Force already, its quite predictable. I managed to guess who's the real baddie in the first few minutes of the film. No, its not the owner of that electrical appliances company, its the mole (sorry for spoilers :P).

Mr. Yanshu is the bad guy......

Oh yeah, today is Hao Yang and Pei Zhi's birthday. Blessed birthday to you 2, make beautiful babies in future kay?

I'm done.

P.s : Zhi, not you 2 together, seperate lah. He make his own babies, you make yours lah. Haha

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