Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh you people get a life.......I'm serious!!!

Came back from church, had flu. Slept late last night because I was busy battling parasite-controlled African soldiers and Las Plagas creatures in Resident Evil 5.

Came back around 2 :30 p.m, bathe and then changed to take a nice afternoon nap.

Guess what I dreamed? Hagen Daaz ice cream. Boy, never in my life I had those ice cream before. Was this close of enjoying my first bite (in a dream)

....until someone knocked the auto gate lock hard to wake me up.

Guess who? Jehovah's Witnesses.

Oh damn it those fanatics. I swear if they come knocking again I will preach to them from the book of Genesis to Revelation. Not even a chance to preach to me about their so-called religion.

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