Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV Rally & BMW M3 Modded

I remember exactly 10 years ago, mum and I was at Jusco Malacca. Usually I would head down to the toys section on the first floor. That time I didn't even know what is a Lancer Evolution, heck I don't even know that car model at that time.

What caught my attention of this car is the design. Sure the Skyline and the RX7 was the bomb, but the Lancer Evolution 4's design just naturally caught my attention without trying hard at all.

I bought the Evo IV, Tomica made. And the number one thing I regretted in my years of collecting die-cast car models is not taking care of them. I dropped the Evo, scratched the Evo, messed up the stickers and so on. And just yesterday when I found where was it, I feel shit.

The scratch marks, rim chrome gone off, colors slowly fading away..........I feel bad.

Now I'm looking for people who can help me do restoration works on this Evo. Any of you have contacts please tell them about me =)

I know, AutoArt is known for their detailed car models at a high price.
I got this BMW M3 for RM 50. With detailed engine bay, cockpit and with the speakers at the rear seats, neons lights and headlights, detailed disc brakes.

Last time Toys R' Us rocks, now it sucked so bad. You shouldn't overlook Toy City, they do have good car models on sale.
And for RM 50, you save around 90% of what you might have spent on an AutoArt model.

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