Thursday, July 15, 2010

Photography Class 3

Today's class was frickin' tiring and fun at the same time. Went to Taman Aman at Petaling Jaya for outdoor Principles of Drawing class. Had to sketch flowers and landscape with cross hatching and lines only with different types of pencils.

Had lunch at some coffee shop nearby. I'm broke, I'm supposed to eat Wendy's, I ended up eating Fried Kuey Tiaw.

From 12 p.m + to 2: 30 p.m was at the park, then after that went back to college to attend Photography class. Class postponed 45 minutes later.

I finally understand what's the use of aperture and shutter speed and ISO settings in the DSLR camera. Still a lil' bit blur but nevertheless at least I know the basics of it. I think photography class is the only class when you can take lots of pictures without worrying about the lecturer thinking it as a disturbance. Like every 5-10 seconds there will be a capture sound. And here's some pictures of the day.

One, Satu, Uno.

Zoe and Jane Jane =)


Jane Jane copy Zoe Lim's face expression. OMG Feel like pinching her face =D
I see monkey pointing another monkey.

Syaf and me.

I knew today was gonna be a fun day. What a way to end your week in college =)

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