Thursday, July 8, 2010

When Men Try To Be Smart While Parking

I went to college early to avoid the heavy weekday morning jam on the Federal highway. About 7:30 a.m reach at Jaya One, class starts at 9:30 a.m. Then I decided to take a snort nap in the car.

I think sleeping in the car is better than sleeping on my own king size bed, I mean within seconds I was dozing off.

Then out of the sudden I heard the valet parking employee was like yelling at someone, and I overheard the commotion

"Saya pergi office 10 minute sahaja, ambil barang"

I sat up, look over at my rear car window and I saw this Honda City parked at the pathway, he kinda did the reverse parking style.

It was 9 :03 a.m I decided to get up and pay the ticket before heading down to Oldtown for breakfast. Only I realized how 'good' this fella parked his car.

If God happened to give you the most easiest, "10 second parking" spot you ever wished for, take the spot and thank Him for that! But then again, he decided to waste 5 minutes making sure his car's ass didn't touch the railings or else....

While I was taking this picture, the valet parking employee was with me, he also took out his number and called his supervisor to inform about this smartass driver. Look at the picture, notice that leng zhai over there, that small fella. He's the owner of the car.

I then kept my handphone, and decided to walk away. The owner of the car then approached me, and here's how it goes...

Smart driver : Excuse me why do you want to take a picture of my car?

Noob driver : Dude why can't you park your car like any normal driver would do?

Smart driver : I had to go to the office for 10 minutes to do something.

Noob driver : Yeah screw that but I asked why is it hard for you to park like any normal Malaysian driver would do? You couldn't get any easier parking space than this. Why trouble yourself to park like this when you can just drive into the yellow box. It saves you alot of time you know that right?

The smart driver gave me the diam diam look already, and I know deep down he feels like finding my car and giving it a 'new look'. The valet parking employee then asked him to leave immediately. After he left, the valet parking employee thanked me for telling him off =)

I don't understand, what's so hard about parking in the yellow box even if you need to do your errands for 10 minutes. Its not like the valet people are gonna charge you RM 6 for 10 minutes, you can just tell them about your situation, I'm sure they'll understand and won't force you to pay. If you find it hard to park, don't drive such a big ass car in the first place, get a Kancil, Hyundai i10, Hyundai Getz, Kelisa, Mini Copper, MRS or a Myvi.

Confirm any Honda drivers drive pass by you sure facepalm XD

Look, this is nothing to be boastful about, but at times when you're just so irritated and annoyed by other people's silly acts, you just NEED to tell them off in a nice way. Shouting, yelling and cursing isn't the best solution.

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