Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Last 2 weeks watched Toy Story 3 alone. Sitting next to me was 2 Mandarin speaking girls. Now its a tradition for Pixar to show a short story before the main movie begins.

To people...especially the CHINESE EDUCATED ONES, take note :

1) If you can't understand what that clip is about, shut up and TRY TO UNDERSTAND using your sight.
2) If you think its stupid, guess you're not smart enough to figure the clip out.
3) You say you wanna have your RM 10 back, then get your ass out of the hall and go see the manager.
4) Bitch I'm tired of hearing you say "Yerrrhh so lame geh" for 3 minutes into the clip.
5) I waited 10+ years to enjoy and relive my childhood days and it pissed me off to have people like you who only know what Toy Story is about ruined it.

Last....when the movie starts.........STFU.

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