Friday, July 16, 2010


I just realized I've post 1001 blog post since 2007. Damn, time pass fast when you're having fun telling stories of your everyday life on your blog, with pictures to accompany with. I'm feeling kinda down now, Mac had her tiny little leg stuck and when mum helped her out, she's limping for awhile. Had me worried until I nearly shed a tear. All these past few months I didn't even spend alot of time with her.

She bites me when I try to feed her with my hand in the cage. Is it true that if a hamster doesn't recognize the owner's smell, it'll bite as an act of self defense?

I really wish I could have her munching on sunflower seeds on my palm. Wouldn't that be adorable? =) I'm sorry Mac, I've been a bad owner.

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