Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nike Dunk SB High Gucci" RESN

I just bought a new shoe. Well....its not new actually, it was released back in November. I only started to have an interest in Nike Dunks earlier this year only. And this is my 2nd Nike Dunk SB, and probably my LAST of the year. Parents shaking head already lah, I think my shoe cost more than they spent on clothes for a month XD

Meet the Nike Dunk SB High "Gucci" RESN.

What's the unique selling point of the shoe? (cheh sounds like I still remember most of my Principles of Advertising lessons)

I think most of us would buy a sneaker just because of the colorway. For this shoe, there are 2 meanings for the color. First would be the Gucci colourway, the red, black and forest green. Another interpretation would be the weed colorway.

Green is for weed, black is for the ash and red is for the flame to burn it up =)

See the relation between RESN and resin? Google.

As the story goes, Sam Smyth (designer of the known ”Gucci” now RESN Dunks) used to write the word RESN while a part of the IBC tagging crew in the Bay Area and used the green to symbolize weed, red for fire and black for the resn.


I got this shoe from a seller by the name of Streethype, COD-ed at BHP Station, Taman Connaught. Zone5 selling for RM 500, I got this RM 100 cheaper.

Here's some pictures of the shoes.

And finally I need not to worry about accidentally kicking stuff and worried about the shoe's skin. Its denim =)

I just love the detail of the mesh tongue.

Red laces next to the shoe ( on right)

Ok right now, I have to promise myself not to spend alot already. Just for this shoe I've been skipping lunch for a whole week already. This is my last shoe of the year and I hope it will be my last of my small collection. I wanna save up for my camera or for emergency use

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