Friday, July 30, 2010

So Far So Good...

I got my Semester 1 results, and I was surprised to get good grades for 2 subjects I thought I was gonna resit next time, Advertising Principles and Mass Communication.

Nights of staying late and Facebooking have finally paid off!!! After weeks of anxiously waiting for the results...... I now can sleep peacefully.

And yesterday's photography class, lecturer asked us to bring a prop for shooting, I brought the 2 Lancers to college. Need to shoot 4 pictures and tell a story about it. I had no idea until I walked around Wendy's area.


Jared complained about my shoe being too complicated. Yesterday's drawing principles class at the studio, the lecturer found my shoes interesting and asked whether can use it as a prop to draw. Tak kan I say no right? =)

Jared and Levi complained my shoelaces was so hard to draw, they blame my shoe.

Nyahahahhahhaha.... had a great time during drawing class.

Syaf's prop was a pair of drumsticks. He decided to use Jeen Pei as his subject.

Wonder what happens if you twist those sticks around XD

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