Thursday, July 1, 2010

Goodbye Honda City?

Parents took the Honda City to church and on the way back home the belt has some problems and was making weird noise. They had to pull on the side of the road and called AAM to check the car. I was sick on Sunday, and already told dad to use the Vios since it has not been driven for days already. Can't blame my parents for being used to the City, preferred the City and enjoyed the City more than the new one.

Then on that Sunday afternoon, she gave a sign that she's getting old already.

While on the way back to Malacca, mum told me the Honda has been giving alot of problems lately and dad said might need to sell off and get a smaller car for mum. Oh yeah, dad prefer motorcycles than cars, so a small car for mum to run errands and go back Malacca to visit grandma is also a good thing.

A small car would save parking space. For the past 6 months whenever I drive out the City, its hard to park the car inside of the car porch or reverse out.

I bet a Kia Picanto or a Kelisa would do the trick, but mum not in favour of Malaysian cars, and dad and I doubt spare parts and service for Korean cars are cheap and reliable.

If not....a Mini Cooper? Maybe mum is too tall or too short for that cute lil' car, and maintaining it would burn a huge hole in dad's pocket.

Forget about Chevrolet Aveo.

If the City has to be sold, I'm gonna miss alot about this car.
The side-mirrors. Even need woodsticks to support it XD

The 13 inch rims.

This car was my first to drive illegally without license, first to drive after getting a license, first to drive to school, first to speed on a highway, first to get summons from DBKL for parking at the yellow line. First to blast out my music from my playlist. Not to forget my first accident while finding Sports Planet XD (cost me RM 200)

She has served my family for a good long 13 years already, if she was to be sold off I hope the next owner would take good care of her. Quality wise, she's a hell lot better than the current plastic cars XD Full tank can last for a week, engine is still running smooth.

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