Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Short Update Again.

Just now heavy rain, while driving I couldn't even see the nearest cars on the Federal Highway. Its the first time I've seen such a angry-like weather in KL. Is God really that pissed? I've counted.......7 thunder strikes around Federal Highway.

A very tiring day, morning photography class had to go around the college campus to snap pictures, then realized I forgot to bring my futsal shoes and sports attire. Rushed back home and then went back to college again for Art and Design fundamentals at 12:30 p.m. And now...just came back from futsal. While making an attempt on goal, one classmate of mine knocked against me, and I fall flat on my arse. Now my left cheek of my bum is pain =/ Oh bugger.........

Can't wait for Friday, new kicks. Oh yeah I'm selling my Echo Park shirt and the Northern Rock polo tee for RM 50. Price can still nego =) I'm clearing off unwanted clothes and some of my Playstation stuff.

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