Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sinus Sinus Sinus

Had a terrible terrible headache pain today after waking up. And I didn't even had a good night sleep. Christmas sucked, being sick on the most anticipated festive season really really kicks you in the nuts, really :(

Last Sunday's futsal was good. Kyle scoring goals as usual. And for once I found back my goalkeeper form. Used to be good, making saves and all until I totally lost it and became as bad as Paul Robinson XD

Oh yeah, good news. My car will arrive on Thursday :D Dad saw this ad on yesterday's Star Classifieds. A 2009 Toyota Vios S Spec at a reasonable price.

Today went to Malaysian Institute of Arts College to pay them a visit. And honestly, I'm not impressed. Hey, when you go to college, you have to be picky, cuz' you're gonna further you studies in that one college that will change your life. The college is located near the National Zoo. First of all, comparing to IACT's diploma course, which offers you 3 certs after 2.5 years (IACT Diploma for Graphic Design, International Advertising Agency from New York and another one from UK.) IACT is better. M.I.A only offers you just one cert.

After touring around the campus, which is just one 3 story building, with a few classrooms and 2 computer labs (one for the normal desktop, one for Macintosh)

Went to Ampang to check out my car, after negociating, deal sealed. Will get the car by Thursday. Thanks Dad.

I tried sleeping this afternoon, but only to be screwed by my headache. The pain is felt at te vein located at the eyebrow. So for 2 hours, I was on my bed yelling and cursing in all kinds of languages.

Finally went to see the doc....

Doc Ho. : Hey Daniel, what's wrong now?
Me : Doc, I'm having this aweful irritating pain on my eyebrow, something like a headache.

Mum was sitting just next to me...

Doc Ho : *does a pressure test on me* Hmmm, Daniel, any alohol?
Me : Well, once a while
Mum : Well, you know lah doc, once he reach at this age sure will drink geh
Doc Ho : Yeah, but at least not drinking too much right? Smoking?
Me : Nope

Mum gives me that face expression.

Doc Ho : *looks at my knee scar, which was very very disgusting* You fell right?
Me : Yeah, futsal, normal lah but this time my fault.
Doc Ho : Did you knock your head while at it?
Me : Nope.
Doc Ho : When did you begin having this headache?
Me : On Christmas.
Doc Ho : Oh well, nice timing. *press on my right eyebrow* pain here?
Me : Nope
Doc Ho : What about here? *press harder*
Me : Oh damn it that hurts!!
Doc Ho : Hmmm, ok, what about here? *press on cheeks*
Me : A little
Doc Ho : Well Daniel, you have a sinus problem. Your nose blockage causes the room to be blocked right at your sinus and causes a major headache, something like a minor migraine. Do you have any history of this problem before?
Me : Yeah, last year.
Mum : He has asthma when he was a kid.
Doc Ho ; Ok, fear not, I'll give you some antibiotics for you and your acne. Some flu and pain pills, and I'll give you cough syrup for your cough.

Great, antibiotics. =(

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