Friday, December 11, 2009

For Your Own Good Mac, For Your Own Good.....

Once upon a time in Daniel's house....... a female fat, chubby but cute and adored by millions quite a number of Daniel's blog readers was hungry, because Daniel, being a good hamster owner, was putting Mac into a special diet program.

You see, Mac was sooooo fat, she got stuck between her running wheel and the cage quite a number of times and also managed to get unstuck too.

For example..........

Can you believe this is how she sleep?

Awwwhhhhhh....cute right?

So, because one time I handed Mac to someone to take care for a few days while away to church camp, the fella feed Mac 3 times a day and well, maybe 4 times also. Thus, Mac, from once a small little blessing to the Mak Family now became a fat, chubby, lazy but still a cute furball.

So, I have promised myself, to only feed Mac twice a day. No matter what type of sad, puppy-eyed look she'll give me, I have to be strict because I don't want Mac to end up like an obese stricken hamster.

"Oh great owner, me want foooooood.........."

And after awhile......

"Bloody bugger, if the food doesn't come to me, I'll come for the food!!! AAARRGGHHHHH!!! *bites cage rapidly*"

After a few minutes, she got too tired and went to her running wheel and sleep :D

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