Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sometimes entry line cars are good too....

Hey guys :D hows the holidays going? While some of you all might be busy with your late night talk cock sessions with your brothers from another mother, working part time, going vacation and some researching on which college should go to further studies and so, I was having my very own first time activity.

No no no, it ain't organizing a $25,000 sex party like Tiger Woods. I'm car hunting. Yes, I'll be going to one car dealer at a time to survey on my first 2nd hand car :D

Dad told me that there isn't the need to rush to get my car, I understand that because he wants to settle my college fees first before getting my car. I know maintaining a car ain't dirt cheap, and its also a huge responsibility for the car owner to maintain it well so that the car's lifespan is not cut short. Petrol fees, servicing fees and if you wanna modify the car, extra fees. Sigh......

Anyway, last week I went to Tesco Extra at Cheras with parents to do some shopping. Dad and I saw that Toyota was having a promotion at the ground floor. Only 2 Toyota models were showcased, a J Spec Vios and a G Spec Rush.

My first impression on the J Spec, the entry line for the car..........

"Pretty ok, sad about the rims. Wheel caps *pifft*.."

Aiya what do you expect, baseline like that loh. No airbag, no steering wheel control for the player, 1-Din CD player, 2 disc and 2 drum brakes, no body moulding, no adjustable seats, urethane steering wheel.

But then I thought......airbags.
Why the hell I need it for? Its not like I'm gonna drive like an ass on the road. Mind you I am a terrible responsible driver kay? :D

No Steering Wheel control?
Hey, if I get the J Spec, I can spend it on aftermarket brand to be better equipped. Oh I hear Pioneer ringing in my head :D

1-DIN CD Player
Like I said, I can always use the leftover cash to change the player and replaced it with an aftermarket brand which has better value-for-money sound quality :D Hmmmm.....Pioneer MP3 player not bad hor :D

Drum brakes setback :(

No body moulding
.......WTF is that?

Urethane steering wheel
Steering wheel is to control the car, I couldn't bother if it was leather :D

Dad told me buying new car cheaper and less costlier than getting a 2nd hand car. He has a point.
Ok, Toyota UMW is having a promotion for the Vios, which is first year insurance is waved off. Good news for dad. or a RM 1500 off rebate.

Ok, so here's the math if I'm getting the J Spec vios, auto (mind you Malaysian traffic not syok to drive manual transmission cars).

RM 73,OOO+ RM 438 Pioneer 2009 DEH-1150MPH MP3/CD/AUX Player) + custom bodykit (roughly RM 1000) + RM 599 Advan bronze replica 15 inch rims + 195/50/15 Goodyear tyres (RM138 x 5) - RM 400 trade in stock rims and tyres

equals to a shocking ball dropping RM 75327 :D

Beats the crap looking Toyota Vios TRD Sportivo :D Still cheaper than the E-Spec, gosh this makes sense. Drop your thoughts at my chatbox :D

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