Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just finished SPM, and I'm already frickin' bored. Yes, all the excitement of finishing secondary education has gone down the drain. I didn't sleep last night because of the nearby road repairing work at my house area. Darn lorries :(

11:30 a.m finished my Perdagangan paper. I missed out on the first chapter form 4!!! Lost 12 marks :(

Went back, sooooo excited. I waited for a year to dye my hair, so after changing clothes, walked to the nearby saloon and dyed my hair. Ohh that smell, :(

Noticed that I tend to use the emoticon " :( " so much? Awesome right?

Now, I'm alone at home. Dad still not yet back from work, mum still at Malacca taking care of grandma.

Come January 4th 2010, college welcomes me. Malaysian Institute of Arts, I'll be there......

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