Friday, December 18, 2009

TARC Open Day

Disclaimer : What I am about to blog about might offend Tunku Abdul Rahman College students. If any of you beh song me come and find me, I'm happy to explain why am I unsatisfied with how you people handle your college's open day. Tell my dad why you don't like the way I critisized your open day, I'm all ears when he comes back home :D.

Ok so today was Tunku Abdul Rahman's open day. Dad told me to check it out to see whether is it a good college to start of my Graphic Design course. Malaysian Institute of Arts is still my number one choice, knowing that Lim Kok Wing college is pretty much one of the worst creative arts college in Malaysia. Hey, go ask any ex Lim Kok Wing students.

Anyway, back to topic. Tom came to my house at 10:30 a.m sharp and I was still in the showers. After getting prepared, off we went to the college at Setapak. Mum fetched us.

The open day event was held inside the college's sports complex. Once we went in, we were given a questionaire by the TARC students to fill in.

This is how TARC open day is like. A hall, with lots of booth, but only a few people on duty. No joke, Tom went to his intended course booth, no one layan him. Mum accompanied me to the Graphic Design booth, and we weren't attended by anyone on duty. Serious shit. Mum and I sat down there, waited to be served. I then took the time to fill up the questionaire.

Everything was rated "Poor" by me. The Graphic Design booth was really really ridiculous. It was managed by some students, and there was board games? I'm like, WTF are those board games doing there?

I'm actually expecting alot from the open day, only to be dissapointed after walking one round. Tom was dissapointed too.

"If we had the money, TARC would be my last choice" xD Damn right.

Before walking into the hall, we signed up for a tour around the campus. Our tour guide, let's just say that they really really need to go back to standard 3 English classes. I'm sorry but speaking broken English infront of parents and school leavers really gives a bad impression of the college students. But then again what to do, at least they tried their best. Hey, being a tour guide for the campus is tough :D

"On your right side is the football court."
What the hell? Football court? Football field lah. On my right side is the canteen, is it on our left ?

"Here is the basketball field."
......*smacks head against the wall*

These are just a few of the examples of ultra laugh-my-ass-off grammar mistakes in TARC.

"Study here your English will end up like theirs." - Mum

One of the stops of the tour is the computer lab for the Mass Communication students, we didn't go inside to have a look, because it was locked. We went to check out the hostel, 7 blocks for female students, a pathetic 3 blocks for male students.

The tour guide also don't know how many halls in the campus. First he say 6, then 12, the 18. Guess he kinda confused himself too XD

Anyway, the only saving grace was from my dad's students. Yes, dad saved the day. My dad teaches Hospitality Management at TARC and at least, his students are not as lan si as other students. LOL while walking to the bus a Myvi SE zoomed pass by not thinking about the visitors safety and blasting out Ah Beng songs. Pathetic sad people =.="

Pizza and iced lemon was served and a cooking demo was shown to us. After demostrating how to do a pizza, dad then introduced about Hospitality Management step by step and in detailed :D Answered a few questions from parents and then it was done. I think dad was the only lecturer around to explain. Hmmmmm Anyway good job to the students demonstrating how a Christmas log house is done and serving pizza for uss (even though its kinda salty)

Anyway, to sum it up, TARC open day was dissapointing. On a scale to 10, I give it 4. Dad and pizza saved the day and a few students made my day :D


Mai Tomyam said...

Hi, I went there too. It was ok with me. The lecturers, admin staff and students were very friendly and helpful. They were everywhere. I miss the campus tour at 12 noon and couldn't wait for the next tour at 3 pm as we have to leave early. We got all the info we wanted and left satisfied.

Shockerz said...

Well said! I can't agree with you more.

Dylan Phuah said...

well, probably this wasnt one of the main intakes thats why the openday kinda sucked. :(

vertigoblack said...
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